Tellus offers great speakers and events on topics ranging from astronomy to paleontology. Below is a list of the upcoming speakers. All lectures are free for members and included in the cost of museum admission for non-members. Galleries will remain open until 9 PM.

Upcoming Lectures

Dinosaurs Without Bones: Dinosaur Lives Revealed by their Trace Fossils
Tony Martin
Friday, April 18
7 PM
What would we know about dinosaurs if we did not have their bones? Find out about the “other” fossil records of dinosaurs, in an entertaining and informative summary of what paleontologists know about dinosaurs through their tracks, nests, burrows, toothmarks, and other trace fossils.


Cool Solutions: New Approaches to Solve Refrigeration Problems Worldwide
Dr. William Kisaalita and Ryan Brush
Friday, May 16
7 PM
University of Georgia engineering professor Dr. William Kisaalita organized a team of engineering students to solve a major challenge in the developing world — keeping foods such as milk cool and safe for consumption. Funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation, Kisaalita brought a team of students to Kampala, Uganda over the course of three summers to work on a prototype cooler that does not require electricity. Hear Dr. Kisaalita and UGA student Ryan Brush share how they developed an invention that maintains milk in a chilled environment, keeping it safe for consumption, limiting disease, and making for a healthier population.


*Please note, members-only observatory viewing will be from 5 – 10PM.



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