Tellus offers great speakers on topics ranging from astronomy to paleontology. Most lectures are free for members and included with admission for non-members.

Photo credit: Georgia Geological Society Collection

Meteorites: Where They Come From, What They are Made of + Why They are Important to Science with John Sinclair
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LECTURE: Meteorites are rocks from space (meteoroids) that collide with Earth’s atmosphere and survive to reach the surface. Join John Sinclair, mineral and meteorite curator from the Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute, as he shares helpful ways to distinguish between meteorites and “meteor-wrongs.” Part of this fascinating talk will be a demonstration of acid etching on iron meteorite slices to reveal the crystal structure on their surface.


Firefall Planetarium Show at Tellus Science MuseumFirefall
The Earth has been (and continues to be) bombarded by objects from the solar system. The objects are left over from the formation of the Sun and subsequent formation of the solar system. Meteoroids, comets and asteroids have all hit our planets. Come and find out what may threaten our planet from space.

Recommended for ages 6 and up.

KID’S ACTIVITY: Members of the Meteorite Association of Georgia and Tellus educators will offer you a chance to touch a real meteorite and find out how to tell a meteorite from a meteor wrong!

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