Corporate Founder’s Circle
A New Dimension Graphic Design & Printing, Inc.
Bartow Paving Company Inc.
Brencorp, Inc.
Cobb County Gem and Mineral Society
Friends of Mineralogy – SE Chapter
Georgia Mineral Society, Inc.
INOX Design, Inc.
Medicap Pharmacy – Jack and Bonnie Burch
Northside Bank – Adairsville
Phoenix Air Group, Inc.
Rome Georgia Mineral Society
South 107
Ray Thacker – Grand OaksWe would like to extend a very special thank you to major contributors to the Capital Campaign.Anheuser-Busch Foundation
Bartow County
The Bergman Family
Mary Allen Lindsey Branan Foundation
Charlotte Mayo Bryant and Randall Bryant
City of Cartersville
The John F. Collins, Jr. and Ann Felton Collins Trust
Vesta Dalia
Development Authority of Bartow County
Georgia Power Foundation, Inc.
Naomi C. & Hubert G. Holland
The Scott Hudgens Family Foundation, Inc.
The Family of Neil and Judy McNitt
Carolyn and James Millar
Bob and Joan Nestor
Bruce and Pam Rhyne
Mason and Ana Rountree
Steve and Jamie Safigan
Sharp Top Trees
Shaw Family Foundation
Frank “Tony” Smith
Vulcan Materials Company
Bobby Womack
Individual/Family ContributorsJenna K., Katie and Karlie Abernathy
Kay and Wendell Abernathy
John R. Absalon
David and Pamela Adams
Fred and Joan Adcock
Jimmy Agan and Family
Brock and Hayden Albaugh
Myles, Paige, Nathan, Alyssa Alfonso Charles E. Allen
Eric and Laurette Allen
David, Cathy, Cameron and Carter Alvis
Sam and Diane Alvis
Johnny and Lucille Anderson
Shirley F. Andrews
Bill Archer
Billy and Gail Archer
Russell and Daneise Archer
Sim Archer
Jerry and Sue Argabrite
Warren and Suzy Bailey
Audie/Anne Bair
Carl and Janie Baker
Gary and Treva Baker
Linda and Donald Ballew
The Balser Family
Olin and Jeanette Banks
Jan A. Barnes and Family
Donna, Mike, Jessica and Clyde Barrett
Rita and Lewis Barrett
Frank and Anne Barron
Gary C. Barron
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Battles
Jim and Ruth Bay
Darcy and Brian Beard
Fiona and Kaya Beard
Stan and Merry Bearden
Dr. Jackie Belwood and Dennis Krusac
Suzanne Benoit
Judy and Robert Benowitz
Darrin Parris Benton
Jerry and Linda Benton
Bethel Family
G. Roy Bethune
Dr. C. Thomas Bevill, III
Durward and Susan Black
Ronald T. and Larry O. Blair
Richard and Barbara Blake
Gregory and Mindy Bloom
Mark, Darby, Matt and Mitchell Boles
Gary and Kay Boulier
Alan and Carolyn Bowen
Craig and Elizabeth Box
John and Suzanne Trimble Boyer
Josh, Katie and Kyle Boyer
Dr. and Mrs. Paul L. Bradley
Mrs. Lola Bradshaw
Ivy and Emily Brandon
Amanda W. Brant
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Brant
Charles and Catherine Branton
Michael and Patricia Brogan
Leslie Bronson
David, Sara and Katie Brosche
Clarence and Carol Brown
David and Jodeen Brown
Jody, Deska, Phoenix and Jayden Brown
Shirley Brown
Ed, Tina, Rachel and Ryan Brush
Charles and Sacy Bryant
Charlotte Mayo Bryant and Randall Bryant
John and Ann Bryant
Rob and Kate Buckfelder
Lee and Ann Burger
Roger, Sybil and Chad Burns
Neil, Nadia, Ava, Alex Burton
Janet and Bill Byington
Debra Byrd and Tom Sukalac
Frank and Anne Byrne
Bernie and Paulette Cahn
Harvey S. Cain and Michelle Williams
Drew, Meredith and Courtney Cameron
Judith Roberts Cameron
Christine E. Canedy
R.C. and Irene Cannady
Edward S. Carder
John, Cindy, Michael, Nicholas Carroll
In memory of J. Lynn Carte
Joyce H. Carter and Family
Mark Catton
Mr. and Mrs. Sam D. Chilcote, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Hal J. Choate and Family
Jay and Ansley Choate
Zim and Martha Choate
In memory of Page Christenson
James E. Clark
Robert Russell Clark, Jr.
Peggy and Ron Cline
R.B. and Alexandria Clyburn
Meg Cobb
Ernest and Frances Cochran
Kim B. Cochran
A.W. and Freeda Coker
Mitch, Jeff, Becca and Michelle Coleman
Bob and Kathy Collier
Dennis and Nan Collier
Joyce Compton
In honor of Lonnie Compton
Julie and Pete Contrucci
Ronald, Linda, Brian and Joseph Conway
Catherine Anderson Cooney
Walker Neil Cooney
Niles B. Cooney, Jr.
Priscilla Corbitt
Mike and Kerry Cornwell
Anne Bandy Coultas
Franklin and Barbara Cousins
Dr. and Mrs. John Cowan
Jane Weiss Craddick and David Craddick
Betty and Bert Crane
Wyatt Crider
Sally Creel and Tom Brown
Glen Crowe and Melinda Lemmon
Thomas and Vivian Culpepper
Ann O. Cummings
Tim and Sharman Taylor Czahor
Vesta Dalia
Norman and Jean Daugherty
Danielle and Ted Davies
Alan and Virginia Davis
Anthony and Malinda Davis
F. Carter Davis
Jane P. Davis
Ken and Toni Davis
Frank and Caroline Decaminada
Tom and Joan Deems
Jeff and Desiree Deere
Kerry I. DeFoe and Hayden F. Black, Jr.
Gay P. Dellinger
Jim and Judy Dellinger
Craig and Jennifer Depew and Family
Marcia and Spencer Dillard
Wayne and Sue Dodd
Brother and Anne Donahoo
Chuck, Pam and Adam Doughty
Jay and Stephanie Douglass
Conilia, Carsyn, and Colton Dover
Bebe Driggers
Lorri Dee Dukes
David and Betty Dundee
Steve and Pat Dunn
Jimmy and Carolyn Durham
James R. and Lucinda Eaton
Nathan and Debbie Eberhart
Jordan Eckert
Randy and Cathy Lee Eckert
The Eisenhauer Family
Jerry and Sue Elder
Mike, Elaine, Kiersten and Sierra Elder
Anne B. Eldridge
Jim Eller and Ann Godfrey
Ashton C. Evans
Calvin H. and Tammy Evans
Don and Connie Evans
Donald and Francoise Evans
The Ewing Family
Inman and Carolyn Fairchild Family
The Farmer Family
Roy and Anne Farrow
Helen T. Faw
Mike, Susan, Ellie and Maggie Fields
Bob and Brenda Finnemore
William A. and Jessica Fleetwood
Bonnie Floyd
Daniel F. Floyd
Skip Foley
Shelby Foster
Evelyn C. Fox and Georgia H. Fox
Mr. and Mrs. Corey Franklin
Jackson M. Franklin
Kereston B. Franklin
Margaux R. Franklin
Payton B. Franklin
Mr. and Mrs. Sam K. Franklin, III
Mr. and Mrs. Sam K. Franklin, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Sam K. Franklin, Sr.
The Friedrich Family
Greg, Beth and Liza Frisbee
Cathy and Reid Funston
Rich and Rhonda Gaffoglio
Harold F. Gallman
Ben and Judy Garrison
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Gilbert
Gordon, Mary, Kaylyn and Ashley Gilley
The Gillis Family
Charles and Emily Gilreath
Greg, Mia and Isabella Gilstrap
Candler, Susan, Mary and Alex Ginn
Cherry Parris Gladden
Howard and Sebrina Glazier
The William C. Goode Family
Reston Goodwin
Sue, Sarah and Jay Gorday
Richard and Virginia Gordon
Donna Gore
Ron and Lorie Goss
Robert and Jennifer Gossman
Richard Graveline
Mr. and Mrs. J.L. Gray
Julian Gray and Barb Epstien
Steve and Wanda Cagle Gray
Bill and Angela Green
Henry and Dian Green
Stewart and Nanci Griggs
Richard and Susan Gross
Luke and Joe Grove
Sam and Debbie Grove
Larry and Darlene Gunn
Richard Gurley
Leah Guthas
Jerry and Janice Hackney
Jim and Jane Haigler
David and Anne Marie Hallstrand, Jr.
Madeline Hamby, Sydney and Tate Bryson
In memory of Doug and Gwen Hankinson
In memory of Shirley Harbeke
Darin and Julie Hardin Family
Grassy and Gail Harper
Tara Harper, Ian and Madison
Governor and Mrs. Joe Frank Harris
Joe and Brooke Harris
Mark and Angie Harris
Randy and Brenda Harris
Mary and Clark Hart
Michael and Nancy Hart
Mrs. Ferd C. Anita Harwood
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Harwood
Max and Emily Hatch
Jeff and Sharon Hayhurst
Joe, Debbie and Meredith Head
Ann F. Heflin
Arnold J. Heflin
Dan and Camy Heilman
Barry and Lynn Henderson
Ricky, Cathy, Scott and Anna Hendrix
In Memory of Marilu Henson
Gail and Lyons Heyman
E.W. “Dub” Hicks
Gerald (Jerry) and Brenda Hill
In Honor of Jody Hill
Missy Hill, Wayne Terry and Kody Cody
Howard and Susan Hinesley
Glenn and Maryellen Hittel
Villa and Courtney Hizer
Dave, Pam, Max, and Allyson Hogue
In memory of Joe and Clara Holland Jacquelyn Hollis
Seth, Kelly, Stephen and Hadley Hopkins
Michael and June Howard
Jane Howe and sons, Daniel and Mark
Charlotte Adele Howell
The Henry Howell Family
Dr. and Mrs. William Harvey Howell
Michael and Kathy Howren
Terry and Patty Howren
Marie and Terry Huizing
Larry and Claire Hyde
Greg and Jenifer Ingram
Jerry and Susan Ingram
Michael, Debra, Emma and Matthew Ingram
Mike and Mary Ingram
Carol and Dick InmanCraig Inman
Jerry and Mary Jackson
Sonny and Sue Jackson
Mark Jaquith and Natalie Hollister
Rebecca and James Jarrett
Tina and Parnick Jennings
Frank and Faye Johnson
Joe and Linda Jolly
Barbara and Ed Jones
Dexter, Earnestine, Deuce & Deacon Jones
Eunice and Terry Jones
Jim, Ketrina, Jessica and Travis Jordan
Bob and Kim Kappel
Chet and Gail Karwoski
Judy J. Kelley
John and Beth Kennedy
Ron, Tonya, Reece and Tristan Kennedy
Steve, Cheryl and Caleb Kennedy
Liz and Bill Kenney
Alisa and Teddy Kesten
David and Feliciana Kim and Family
Mark J. Kimball
David and Ginger Kirby
Mrs. Faye Bryson Knight
Adam Kordecki
Don and Ollene Kordecki
Mike and Joan Kown
Richard and Elizabeth Krauss
Raymond Leonard Lahti
Joyce Lamore
Keith, Tammy, Alex and Tristan Lance
Rev. and Mrs. T.C. Lanford
Art Lanham
Bill and Jackie Lanier
Peter S. LaPaglia
Eddy and LuEllen Lassiter
Pam and Thom Lawrence
Gene and Nanci Lee
Cynthia A. Leonard
Dean and LaNell Lewis
Ed and Jean Lewis
Jeff, Kim, Macall, Parker, Peyton Lewis
Tracy A.D. Lewis
Bruce and Laura Lindler
Eleanor and John Linn
The Liotta Family
Robert and Margaret Logan
Tim and Lisa Lowe
Betty and Bill Lyerla
Cliff, Kathy and Connor Lyles
Aidan Mabry and Bob Jackson
Melissa Macke
Michael Macke
William B. Macke, Jr.
The Madlem Family
Cecil, Connie and Riley Mann
Gregg, Natasha and Isabella Mann
Janet L. Martin
Tim, Kathy and Jayme Martin
The Massey Family
Ginny Mauldin-Kinney
Heather and Sidney McAllister
Ardis and Charles McCain
Jay, Leslie, and Riley McClure
Robbie L. McCollum
Kevin, Cathy and Lauren McDaniel
John and Hazel McDowell
Tina and Ricky McFarland
James and Ruth McGarvey
Bev and Winnie McGruder
Deenie McKeever
Mark and Theresa McKelvey
Mr. and Mrs. Bob McMillan
Anthony and Alice McStatts
Kipling Louise McVay
Dr. Joann Treadaway Meadows
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Meek
James and Marcia Mein
John and Vicky Miller
Phil and Sue Miller
Rose Mincey
Bill and Gwen Mitchell
Penney Y. Mitchell
Michael and Carol Monroe
Richard R. Montanaro
Bill and Deborah Montante
Mary and Dwain Montgomery
Terry, Peggy, Mathieu and Jillian Moore
Wayne, Carolyn and Hannah Moore
Kyle, Amy and Elizabeth Morgan
Ben and Julie K. Morris
Chandler, Lauren and Lindy Morris
Col. and Mrs. James W. Morris
Sammy and Joyce Morris
Victor and Marty Mulinix
Mary Sue Mullen
Chris and Mary Mullinax
Art and Opal Munn
Mike Murphy
Bill and Shelvy Murray
David, Prett, Maddie Myers
Jack and Jewel Nally
Ronald and Ruby Nally
Judge and Mrs. G. Carey Nelson
G. Carey Nelson, IV
Mathilde and Jimmy Nelson
Vicki and Dolph Nelson, Jr.
Barbara and Charles Newton
Joe and Carolyn Noble
Wilbur R. Noles
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Norton
David, Barbara and Aimee Odom
Larry and Connie Olson
Jeff, Hunter and Harrison Osborn
Tom Owens and Kim Smith
Andrew and Callie Palmer
Travis A. Paris
Lawrence and Shirley Parker
Scott and Deborah Parmenter
Becky, Mike and Kristy Patellis
Randall and Matthew Patton
Ronnie, Brhonda and Ryan Payne
Michael F. Peck
Melody and Lamar Pendley
Peter and Martha Percassi
The Perlotto Family
Mr. and Mrs. Boyd Pettit
Danney and Linda Pickard
The Pitchford Family
The Pittaluga Family
Larry and Callie Pogue
Julie, Gregg and Max Porter
Mary and Chris Porter
Tommy and Beth Porter
Mr. and Mrs. Arnie C. Postier, Jr.
Pamela Potter
Mike, Kay, Erik, Emily Powell
Sean Paul Powell
Thomas and Elizabeth Powell
Dr. J.M. Prince and M. Rebecca Carr
Lynne Lockwood Pritchett
Ronald and Phyllis Purdy
Nelda and Joe Ragsdale
Carolyn Mayo Randall & Thomas E. Randall
Kay Read
Shelly Redd
Bobby and Jean Reeves, Peyton and Presly
Henry Michael Rhoden
Jasper MacFarlane Rhoden
Jay and Melissa Rhoden
Jim and Sally Rhoden
Jodi Rhoden and Duncan MacFarlane
Mitch and Lane Rhoden
Raleigh Emerson Rhoden
Hank, Melissa, Caroline and Grace Rhodes
Hugo and Karen Ribot
Courtney and Hannah Rice
John and Holly Rice
Brooks and Glenda Rizer
Robbie and Connie Roberts
Daniel Robertson
Rodgers-Wagner Family
Edith V. Roebuck
Mr. and Mrs. Madison L. Rogers
Mark and Karen Rosenberg
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry A. Ross
Dennis and Gay Runnion
Lilieth Russell
Sandy and Bob Rutters
Ed, Karin and The Ruzumna Family
Steve Salbu
Philip and Jane Sanderson
Jose and Maia Santamaria
In honor of Rudi and Alicia Santamaria
Matt, Anthia and Matalyn Santini
Eugene Frank Sasser
Mary Ann and Pete Scogin
Fred and Joretta Scott
Peggy and Wes Seagraves
Elizabeth M. Seigler
James Sensenbrenner
Mr. and Mrs. William N. Shadden
Bobbi and Marvin Shams
Tom E. and Carol Shanahan
Anderson Bates Shaw
Anna Barton Shaw
Bill Shelton
Catherine and Kaylee Shelton
Joseph Sheppard and Family
Sara and Fred Sherberger
Chuck and Sandra Shiflett
Herman C. Shiver
George and Evelyn Shropshire
Josh, Lori and Katelyn Shook
Bill and Manesa Short
Mr. and Mrs. Garey L. Simpson
Anne J. Sims
Sheila and Howell Siniard
Michael and Karleen Skowronski
Don Slater and Debbie Poss
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Slocum and Family
Ashley Beck Wright “Smith”
Bill and Cindy Smith
Charles and Gayle Smith
Candy and Jim Smith
Kyle and Vivian Smith
Ray and Frances Smith
Rev. Ted and Cantey Smith
Dane and Cynthia Bailey Snelling
Andrew and Carol Socash
Joann Socash
In memory of Dr. Margaret & Jim Sommerville
Sonenshine Family
Fr. Daniel Stack
Charles Steadham
Ben and Iris Stein
Martha and Jimmy Stone
Bill Strickland
Olen and Melissa Suire
Laura Sukalac
Charlotte H. Sullins
Walt and Kathye Sullins
Francis M. Summey
Drs. Chris and Lisa Sward
John Henry Sweitzer
Donald, Jr. and Melissa Tanner
Shawn William Tatham
Bob, Debra and Christy Tatum
Charles and Lynn Tatum
Hoyt “Slick” Tatum
Joe and Quinn Tatum
Team Weinman
Barbara and Matt Terry, Alice and Emma
Ray Thacker
Jack and Barbara Thomas
Quentin and Suzie Thomas
Raymond Thomason
Larry, Daniel and Faye McCord Thompson
Randy and Jackie Thompson
Steven C. Thompson
Drs. William and Lorie Thoms and Family
Gene and Reba Tilley
James, Lynne, Anna and Andrew Tilley
Joe and Betty Jane Tilley
Stan and Velma Tilley
Faye and Dave Todd
The Trepper Family
John R. Trimble
Kevin Robert and Kathy Westsik Trimble
Kevin Robert Trimble Jr.
Wade, Kellie, Ethan and Josie Turner
Gene Vance
Carolyn and Bill Vaughan
Mary C. Vinson
Adam J. Wade
Clyde and Mary Lou Wade
Ken and Pat Wade
Butch and Melissa Walker
Jackie and Andrea Wallace
Michael and Amy Wardrop
Joann and Turner Warmack
Ann and Ben Warren
Ivan and Carol Watkins
Jeffrey A. Watkins
Terry and Kellie Watkins
Gregory and Jerry Lynn Watson
Nelson L. Weil
George and Rae Weimer
Allen P. Weirick
Edward and Jane Powers Weldon
Don Wesley-Brown
John and Joanne Westbrooks
Ross and Charlotte Whatley
Alvah Robert White
Gary, Kaye, Andrew and Connor White
Judge and Mrs. Jere F. White
Joe and Kathi White
John N. White Jr. and Cynthia R. Sours
The Wiedetz Family
Kevin, Kim, Kristen and Ineja Wigington
Jerry and Beth Williams
Roger and Joann Williams
Tony and Kathryn Williams
George F. and Kathy G. Willis
Dawn Wilson and Ed Kilgore
Tim and Kelli Wilson
Gina K. Windsor
Ruth and Herschel Wisebram
Billy and Gewene Womack
Hubert David Womack
In Memory of “Bobbie” Roberta L. Womack
Len and Beverly Woodward
Suzanne and Everette Wooten
Virginia and Jay Word
Ed and Sharon Yopp
Eleeas and Sia Young


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