Electricity: Powering the World

See it in Crossroads Gallery

March 25, 2023 - February 25, 2024

Included in General Admission

The use of electricity has revolutionized our lives, brining the almost unimaginable into the day to day.

Accessing the internet, keeping cool on a hot day, and keeping food fresh all rely on electricity. But what is it, exactly, and how does it travel safely to our homes and businesses?

Through this exhibit, you will explore the nature of electricity and how we generate the electricity we use every day. Try your hand at making your own electricity to power lightbulbs. Complete an electrical circuit and see what happens. Learn ways that you can conserve electricity in your own home.

Far from ordinary, electricity is an amazing part of both the natural world and our technological one, and it will continue to play a large part in our future.



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