“Digging in the Past” Adventure and STEM/Nova “Down and Dirty” Module

Saturday, March 23, 2024
10 AM to 12:30 PM
(check-in begins at 9:30)
Registration for this program closes at noon on Wednesday, March 20, 2024 or when the program reaches maximum capacity.

This program is perfect for any Wolf Scout who loves dinosaurs or volcanoes! Scouts will create and name their own dinosaur, learn about real paleontological digs, and make a mold and cast – from real fossils! Also included will be a trip to the Planetarium where Scouts will learn all about supervolcanos, and a visit to the lab where they will experience three different types of volcanos and an actual eruption!

An optional extension will be provided for all participating Scouts: at the completion of the program, Wolves may create an edible fossil dig. This is not included in the 2.5 hour program, but is required to complete your pack’s adventure or module; supplies will be provided so it may be done in the outdoor pavilion following the program or on your own time at a later date.

This 2.5 hour program will consist of 5 rotations 30 minutes each.

Planetarium: “Supervolcanos” and discussion.

Fossil Gallery: play a gallery game, learn about dinosaurs.

Fossiliferous lab: learn how fossils form, make a mold and a cast of a real fossil to take home. Discuss how volcanos form, the difference between lava and magma, and how volcanos can both build and destroy land.

Dinosaur creation lab: create your own personal dinosaur, name it and discuss its biome; and construct an individual working volcano to take home along with the dinosaur and diorama.

Fossil Dig.

All groups end at the Store where Tellus patches and rocks and minerals are available for purchase.

Optional extension: create an edible fossil dig in the pavilion during your lunch with den leader (supplies provided by Tellus).



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