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Arrow of Light “Earth Rocks” Adventure and STEM/Nova “Down and Dirty” Module


Saturday, November 12, 2022

10 AM to 12:30 PM
(check-in begins at 9:30)

Registration for this program closes at noon on Wednesday, November 9, 2022 or when the program reaches maximum capacity.

Come be a geologist for the day at Tellus! Bring your handbooks! Learn about the anatomy of planet Earth from the inside out, what makes a volcano erupt and how minerals affect your everyday life by visiting the Weinman Mineral Gallery. Put your hands on the three rock types and test minerals to learn how to identify them. You’ll even be able to pan for real gemstones. Begin your collections as each scout receives a “Scout Pack” consisting of various rocks and minerals labeled with their names and uses. You’ll even take a trip in our digital planetarium to learn about Supervolcanoes. Earn your “Earth Rocks” adventure and complete the “Down and Dirty” Nova module for Webelos, all while having fun at Tellus.

This 2.5 hour program will consist of 5 rotations 30 minutes each.

Planetarium: Supervolcanoes and discussion.

Weinman Mineral Gallery: anatomy of a planet, rock vs. mineral interactive wall, mining area interactive and go on a rock and mineral scavenger hunt.

“Rock and Roll” lab: sort and label rock types.

Lab: test minerals.

“Scout Pack” for each Scout with labeled rock and mineral specimens.

Gem panning.

All groups end at the Store where Tellus patches and rocks and minerals are available for purchase.

Webelos Scouts: Earth Rocks Adventure

1A. Define geology.

1B. Learn about the science of geology and why it is important.

ACTIVITY: Will define during program.

Look for different kinds of rocks or minerals while on a rock hunt with your den.

ACTIVITY: Scavenger hunt in Weinman Mineral gallery.

3A. Identify the rocks you see on your rock hunt. Use the information in your handbook to determine which types of rocks you have collected.

3B. With a magnifying glass, take a closer look at your collection. Determine any differences between your specimens.

ACTIVITY 3A: Identify the minerals found in Gem Panning; bring your handbook!

Identify the three types of rocks.

Receive Scout packs with various rocks and mineral specimens.

ACTIVITY 3B: Go Gem Panning and examine the gems found under a magnifying lens.

4A. Make a mineral test kit and test minerals according to the Mohs scale of mineral hardness.

4B. Record the results in your handbook.

ACTIVITY 4A: Mineral testing in the lab and create your own mineral test kit.

ACTIVITY 4B: Bring your handbook!

Identify on a map of your state some geological features in your area.

ACTIVITY: Weinman Mineral gallery Georgia maps.

6A: Identify some of the geological building materials used in building your home.

6B. Identify some of the geological materials used around your community.

6C. Record the items you find.

ACTIVITY 6A and 6B: Weinman Mineral gallery + Handout “Your House Comes Out of a Mine”

ACTIVITY 6C: Bring your handbook!

7Bi. Visit with a geologist or earth scientist and discover the many career fields that are included in the science of geology.

7Bii. Ask the geologist or earth scientist about the importance of fossils that are found.

7Biii. Ask the geologist or earth scientist what you can do to help preserve our natural resources.

ACTIVITY 7BiGem Panning career board and discussion.

Do at least one earth science demonstration or investigation with your den and explore geology in action.

ACTIVITY 8: Learn to follow mineral testing procedures in the lab.

Webelos Scouts: STEM/Nova - Down and Dirty Module

1A. Watch and episode of a show about Earth, the weather, geology, volcanoes, or oceanography. Then do the following:

  1. Make a list of at least two questions or ideas from what you watched.
  2. Discuss two questions or ideas with your counselor.

ACTIVITY 1A: Planetarium show Supervolcanoes.

  1. Make a list of questions.
  2. Discussion with Tellus educator.

Complete one adventure from the list. Discuss with your counselor what kind of science, technology, or math was used in the adventure.

ACTIVITY: Complete the Earth Rocks Adventure (see requirements above).


3A. Volcanoes erupt

  1. How are volcanoes formed?
  2. What is the difference between lava and magma?
  3. How does a volcano both build and destroy land?
  4. Build or draw a volcano model. If you build a working model, make sure you follow all safety precautions including wearing protective glasses for your volcano’s eruption.
  5. Share your model and what you have learned with your counselor.

ACTIVITY 3: Planetarium show Supervolcanoes and lab.


4B. Explore a career associated with earth science. Find out what subjects you would need to study as you get older. What kind of education would you need in the future to help explore Earth? What types of people other than geologists explore Earth? Discuss with your counselor what is needed to have a career in earth science.

ACTIVITY 4BGem Panning career board and discussion.


SCIence FRIday Night: Making Dinosaurs

Tellus Science Museum
Friday, 5 - 9 PM


Lunch + Learn: Thirst Things First – Where Do We Get Our Water?

Tellus Science Museum
Wednesday, 12:15 PM


Junior Astronomy Workshop

Tellus Science Museum
Friday, 6:30 - 8:30 PM



Every day 10 AM – 5 PM
Closed New Year’s Day, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day.


Members: FREE
Adults: $17
Children (3 – 17): $13
Student with ID: $13
Active Military w/ ID: Free
(1/2 price admission for active
duty dependents with ID)
Seniors (65+): $15


100 Tellus Drive
Cartersville, GA 30120
(770) 606-5700
I-75 Exit 293
Cartersville, GA


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